The Weekend Hotel





Schiehser Hotelbetriebs GmbH




About the Project

The Weekend Hotel stands for regional products and the diversity of the urban jungle. Guests should be able to enjoy the feeling of the weekend at any time and are pampered in the hotel that is located in Vienna. Playful but simple furnishings that make you feel at home enchants guests and convinces them with their charm and originality.

Project Brief

The website should reflect the values of the hotel and motivate guests to stay. The playful elements that can be found in the hotel’s interior should be integrated into the web design and the floral motto should be reflected. Simply a one-pager should be designed because the potential customer should be forwarded directly to the booking page when first interacting with the page. Therefore it was necessary to quickly convince the potential customer of the Hotel charm and to provide the most important information right away.


Since the customer should be redirected to the booking page at the first interaction, it was important to convince the potential customer quickly. The design should be very fresh, bright, playful but rather simple. The design was based on the corporate identity of the Hotel. The visuals, color codes and fonts are used throughout the entire hotel and thus form an unmistakable brand. The structure of the site should give a feeling for the mentality of the hotel and create an overview of their offer. With the help of enough white space, the playful design can still breathe and doesn’t overwhelm the user by providing too much information.

My Role

My role was to provide the design of the website, various versions were created using the prototyping tool Figma to give the client the most realistic experience of the look and feel of the site. My design concept was outsourced to a programmer who did the final implementation of the website.