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About the Project

The AURIMOD project was a transformative endeavor focused on a groundbreaking medical product designed to assist pain patients through Vagus Nerve Stimulation. This initiative aimed to create an informative web platform that not only educates the general public about the treatment but also provides a secure login portal exclusively for medical professionals seeking detailed insights.

Project Brief

AURIMOD’s project brief was driven by the vision of providing pain patients with an innovative solution. The objective was to establish a web presence that serves as a comprehensive resource hub for Vagus Nerve Stimulation. The project also involved the implementation of a secure login feature for healthcare professionals, granting them access to in-depth information on the treatment.

User Research

User research played a vital role in understanding the needs and expectations of AURIMOD’s target audience. By conducting thorough research, we gained valuable insights into pain patients‘ perspectives and the information they were seeking. This guided our strategy in creating a user-friendly and informative web experience for both the general public and medical professionals.

Scree Design

In the screen design phase, our primary challenge was presenting a wealth of information without overwhelming the user. We focused on creating user-friendly interfaces that strike a balance between comprehensive content and a streamlined user experience. We prioritized clarity and simplicity, making complex medical information accessible and easy to navigate. This approach ensured that the website provided detailed insights into Vagus Nerve Stimulation while remaining user-friendly.


As a UX Designer for the AURIMOD project, one of the most challenging aspects of our journey was finding the delicate balance between serving two distinct user groups. Our primary goal was to ensure that our web platform effectively addressed the needs of pain patients and, at the same time, provided medical professionals with access to more extensive information. It was a puzzle to figure out how to seamlessly guide medical professionals to the wealth of detailed insights available to them while maintaining a user-friendly experience for the general public.