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About the Project

Vierkant is an intelligent mailbox. On the one hand, the key is integrated into the box via a magnetic field and, on the other hand, it recognizes whether you have received mail and informs you via an app.

Project Brief

The app should help people in their everyday life. Through a simple and modern design, the user should quickly grasp the most relevant information. The corporate identity, the user interface and the 3D animations visualizing the functions of the mailbox should guarantee a consistent and strong appearance of the new brand.


The project was implemented as a team with each member focusing on one of the areas. However, the conception, planning and final design decisions were always made as a team. The project was created fictitiously and there was no real client who took over the real implementation. However, the theoretical user was always at the center of the elaboration. We tried to offer the user group a real added value within the application and the development of the innovative mailboxsystem.

My Role

My main focus was on the technical requirements that the mailbox had to meet in order to deliver real value to the user. To make the functions more accessible, a 3D modeling of the mailbox was created with an animation video that visualizes the process and the functions of the mailbox.