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About the Project

Having an impact on kids and their education was the goal of creating the game Northpoly. While playing the game children should learn useful things about our environment and how they can help to keep our Planet clean.

Project Brief

The game was to be created with the then new design technique „Lowpoly“ in which the illustrations consist of triangles. Children should feel excitement not only because of the gameplay but also because of the thrilling design.


The game was designed and visualized as a team. All parts were equally distributed among each other and each member was equally involved in the creation process. The illustrations that visualized the different worlds that the little polar bear has to go through required the most attention. The interface design to enable the control was implemented with consideration to the user group.

My Role

Because each member was involved in all parts of the implementation, I was able to contribute to the conception, the illustration, the interface design and the final presentation.