Benjamin Zilles





Dipl. Ing. Benjamin Zilles



About the Project

Benjamin Zilles is a young entrepreneur who pursued an education in film and virtual reality. To better introduce himself to companies, he decided to create an online portfolio to present his work and career path.

Project Brief

The portfolio should provide an overview of the client’s capabilities and introduce him. Companies should be given the opportunity to get to know Mr. Zilles. With the help of the selection of his previous projects you get a good overview of his skills.


Mr. Zilles aimed for a portfolio with clear forms that would appear young and fresh. To achieve that appearance he asked for vibrant colors and strong fonts. The site should be divided into three areas. First, to create an overview of his previous projects, second to present his career, and third to make it easier for interested parties to contact him.

My Role

To bring the idea to life we established the necessary features for the website. The client sent me all the texts, photos, and projects that should be represented on the site. With that information, I created a wireframe to visualize the structure and layout of the site. With usability in mind, the style and structure were defined and later in WordPress incorporated.